Hello Friends! I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. I have so much to say about what is going to be happening with Ivory Paper Co in these coming weeks & this past holiday week.

This year I hosted Thanksgiving at my apartment and it was so fun! It was my first time making a turkey, let alone the entire Thanksgiving meal, but it turned out okay and I didn’t burn anything! Haha, that’s a win in my book.

As I have taken some time off to be with my family, I have found myself reflecting on this past year and just how far Ivory Paper Co has come.

It is no secret that in January of 2021, we were blessed to experience a tremendous amount of growth in a short period of time. Our order volumes went through the roof literally overnight and were so blessed to have over 40,000 new customers!

Order volumes at Ivory Paper Co hit a record volume in early 2021
Order volumes at Ivory Paper Co hit a record volume in early 2021.
As is normal for many businesses during this time, scaling to meet the demand for Ivory Paper Co products proved to be difficult during the peak of the pandemic. To put it lightly, this was the hardest period of both my professional and personal life.

Alongside my amazing team at Ivory Paper Co, I have spent these last 10 months working to make sure that we can continually improve our customer experience & avoid extended delays in the future!

We’ve invested in hiring the right people, getting ahead on production, and solidifying the relationships we have with our production suppliers and vendors. It has been a lot of work, but I’m so excited for these next few weeks because I KNOW we are prepared to fully serve all of our customers, at the highest level.


IPC partnered with other USA manufactures to have extra production power in busier seasons.

That being said, many factors this year are still out of our control.. With limited paper mills in the United States, widespread labor shortages, and our commitment to source as many materials domestically as possible, we are being proactive this year and limiting the amount of planners available to avoid any delays this season!

You guys were amazing and really showed up and supported us during this Black Friday sale, and for that, THANK YOU. We are already starting to peak and monitoring our sales numbers daily to ensure you get your products within our processing time.

The Daily Planner - One of our best-sellers

One thing that has fueled me to keep going and work harder than ever this past year was the continued love and support so many of you have shown me. Thousands of DMs, emails, and comments of love and kindness did not go unnoticed. Seeing you share your planner on Instagram or tag me in your spreads has been a highlight of this year.

So I truly don’t want any you, of our amazing customers, to miss out on your planners this year. I know just how important it is for each of you to stay organized and moving forward in pursuit of your passions. I want to continue to support you with some of the tools to help get there, like your daily planner or the perfect set of personalized stationery! So if you’ve been eying something, please don’t wait!

Ivory Paper Co Team Fulfilling Orders

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the grace you have given me during what was a challenging time and thank you for turning 2021 into an amazing year for me and everyone at Ivory Paper Co.

Sending you and your families much love this holiday season!

Happy Holidays To You From The Stinson Family
Alitzah Stinson


Alitzah Stinson

CEO & Founder