Hello Friends! Today I'm showing all of you how I go from my naturally curly hair to my bouncy curls that I love to pull out occasionally for date nights or any time I want to change it up!

Shampoo & Condition

I wash my hair only once or twice a week since my hair tends to get so dry. I have been using this coconut shampoo and conditioner for over a year and love that they are cruelty free and free from all the yucky fillers typically found in hair products. After I rinse out my shampoo I follow up with this jojoba oil deep conditioner that helps add back on moisture back into my hair!

Blow Dry

I have tried a TON of blow dryers in my 24 years on earth and this Revlon Blowdryer is HANDS. DOWN. my favorite. I literally can blow dry all of my hair, which is a lot of hair, in 10-15 minutes and get it nearly straight! It's super affordable and I love that it has the brush built in because I'm definitely not coordinated enough to round brush all of my hair.


Once my hair is blown out nearly straight, I go in with a curling iron or wand to add some big bouncy curls. I have been going back and forth between this one inch ceramic curling iron and this interchangeable curling wand. I find the traditional curling iron easier and faster but the curling wand gives me curls that last longer. So ahh... I don't know which one I love more but they both are great.

I have pretty long hair so I start the curl about two inches below the root, and hold it for about 5-8 seconds. Before I drop the curl, I will spray it lightly with this brush-able hairspray and then let the curl fall naturally. If I'm doing my hair hours before I need to actually look put together I won't let the curls drop, I will pin them up to cool using this clips.

Touch Up Edges

Once its all said and done it takes me about 15 minutes to curl all of my hair. Since my hair is naturally SO curly, it's tough to get the edges as straight as I want them to be. I typically run through the edges with this Paul Mitchell straightener that I've had for years. I only adds about 2 minutes to the whole process but makes a huge difference. If your hair isn't naturally super curly, you can probably skip this step.

Spray & Tease

Once my edges are so fresh and so clean I tease each curl from the middle down using this teasing brush I found on Amazon. It's helps and so much volume and bounce to the style. I like big hair... I think that's just the former pageant girl coming out in me. Once I have it styled to my desire I finish it off with this strong hold hairspray and a little bit of this Argan hair oil on the ends to add some shine!

And just like that, I have my bouncy signature curls that you guys have been asking me about for months now! If you try this hairstyle, send me pictures on Instagram! I'd love to see all your beautiful faces! <3


Coconut Shampoo / Coconut Conditioner / Jojoba Oil Deep Conditioner / Blow Dryer Brush (under $45) / One Inch Ceramic Curing Iron / Interchangeable Curing Wand / Teasing Brush / Brush-able Hairspray / Strong Hold Hairspray / Argan Hair Oil / Hair Straightener /


Alitzah Stinson
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Alitzah Stinson


Alitzah Stinson

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