Best Academic Planners For College & High School Students In 2024

Top Weekly & Daily Planners For Students Ranked By Productivity 




1 | Best Planner For Students In 2024

2024 Academic Planner

The Academic Planner from Ivory Paper Co is one of the most in-depth student planners for the school year. This student planner is unique because there is a dual weekly layout. One weekly layout features hourly planning for your week and the other is to-do based planning. 

The Academic Planner

Daily Tasks In A Weekly View  

The first weekly layout of the dual weekly academic planner is a "to-do" based layout. This page is one of the most loved in all of academic planning. This is a weekly spread that has to-dos for each day of the week allowing for crushing your daily school do lists. This page also has a daily study and what's due section to highlight priorities and deadlines. Lastly, each day has a note section to add any miscellaneous events or tasks.  

The Academic Planner

Full Weekly Scheduling

The second weekly layout that comes after each "to-do" page is the "hourly scheduling" pages. This weekly spread let's you take planning one step further than tracking to-dos by allowing you to allocate when your are going to work on your tasks. The hourly planning pages are also great for remembering what other activities you have for the week.

The Academic Planner

Student Monthly Overview

The Academic Planner has 1 monthly layout for each month in the year. The monthly page is great for recording important school events, tests and personal dates that are well out in the future. 

​This monthly overview is your birdseye view for the entire month and has a side section to write out other important notes for the month.

The Academic Planner

Student Specific Intro Pages

The beginning of the Academic Planner has pages that are useful for students. The intro pages includes a "Classes and Schedule" page for your semester. There is a "Projects and Exams" page for tracking your most important tasks for your grade. Lastly, there is an Address Book for friends and professors. 

2 | Planning By The Day - Great For Productivity

2024 Daily Planner | 12 Months

Any student that prefers increasing productivity over weekly scheduling, than the Daily Planner is for you! The daily planner is the second most popular planner and has a full page dedicated to every day of the weekday. 

You have a massive to-do list per day along with a full daily schedule. This planner is hyper-focused in focusing on today and getting the most out of each day. You even get sections for self-care with a hyrdate tracker, BLD or Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner tracking, and a daily gratitude box.

Lastly, there is a Monthly Page for each month of the year for tracking important dates.

3 | Another Weekly Planner That Students Love

2024 Vertical Weekly Planner 

The Vertical Weekly Planner is another great option for students that want to have a stellar academic year. The vertical weekly planner has weekly and monthly pages. This planner is beloved for the amount of space your get for each week. 

The main planning page is a 2 page weekly spread with vertical boxes. These vertical boxes are blank which makes them very versatile to your personal planning style. Some students use them for hour by hour planning, while others have dedicated boxes for specific to-do categories. Others use certain boxes in each day for memory tracking and journaling. 

​This vertical weekly planner was enhanced one step further from all the other vertical planners out in the world. After each weekly spread, there is a two note pages and you get the option of lined or bullet pages. 

These pages are great to have all the space you need without having to carry a planner and notebook.

4 | The Best-Selling Planner Layout

2024 All-In-One Planner

The All-In-One Planner is the overall best-selling planner for all types of lifestyles. The All-In-One Planner was created by Ivory Paper Co and features a daily, weekly and monthly layout in the same coil. 

With the All-In-One planner, you receive all the benefits of a daily planner including a dedicated daily page for every weekday as well as getting a full weekly spread to track your entire week. You also get the monthly overview page making this one of the best all around planners out there.

5 | For students that take time for self-care

The Wellness Journal

The Wellness Journal is a great pair to a planner for students that take the time to focus on their self-care. Having a clear head can be just as important as being productive.