Planner Stickers 

Shop all planner stickers at Ivory Paper Co. You have 3 categories of planner stickers to choose for your planning need. The types of stickers we have are character/icon stickers, sticker kits & script stickers.

Planner Sticker Overview

A breakdown of the planner stickers for you to choose from at Ivory Paper Co

1 | Planner stickers to match your life activities.

Character & Icon Stickers

Character stickers are the perfect accessory to having some extra from while using your planner or journal. The "Ivory Girls" collection of character stickers let's use choose 1 of 5 characters to use while planning. 

​Each character sticker is hand-drawn and is doing different daily tasks and activities to match different events in your life. 

2 | Stickers that make planning a fun activity

Planner Sticker Kits

Sticker kits is a fun way to get creative while planning. Sticker ktis are pretty and are a fun hobby if you enjoy taking some time to yourself and spending time in day and weekly organization. 

Choose from a variety of sticker kits and give your own twists on creating the most beautiful planner spreads alongside the Ivory Paper Co sticker kits. 

3 | Words on stickers that describe a thing or event.

Planner Script Stickers

Script stickers are the perfect accessory for your planner when you want a aesthetically pleasing script to highlight a life event, mood or thing! 

Check out the script stickers and see which ones match your lifestyle and activities.