With Mother’s Day right around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some simple and fun ways that you can make your mom feel loved and appreciated.

Take A Class Together - I think it would be so fun for you to take your mom to a workshop or a class. Maybe a pottery class or a hand lettering workshop would be a fun way to try something new together and connect. Not to mention that it’s alot more fun that the typical Mother’s Day dinners and brunches we’ve been going to for the past decade! Changing it up is fun but also shows that you are making an effort to have a good time with your mother and that is sure to make her feel special!

Go Through Old Memory Boxes - One way to spark joy with your mother this season is to take some time and go through memories together. Maybe looking at old family photos or going through bins of your Kindergarten artwork or even watching family videos. This will spark lots of fun conversation and you may even learn a thing or two about what was really going on in your mother’s head and heart during some of these moments. One of the ways I have grown closer to my mother during the past few years is by simply learning and having her share her perspective with me. Growing up with assume that our parents are know it alls and on top of their stuff all the time, but realizing that they really had no clue what the heck they were doing can be really comforting and a good place to build a common ground.


Have A Coffee Date - I don’t know about you, but ever since becoming a mother I feel like I am perpetually drinking my coffee and tea COLD. Oh do I miss the days when I could just sit down and savor my beverage without having to get up 45 times to “help” with something. While my baby, Eleanor, is still young, I am sure that it's been a long time since your mom has been able to enjoy her favorite beverage peacefully. So grab her one afternoon this week and take her to her favorite spot to enjoy a nice HOT beverage. Not only will you guys be able to chat without interruption but it give you both a chance to enjoy a nice afternoon together.

Find A Way To Include Her In A New Aspect Of Your Life - It’s no secret that Mother/Daughter dynamics can be a bit tricky and I am sure that you have your own fair share of mommy drama. Not only is that normal, but it’s OK. If there was never any tension between you and your mother you could write a book sharing your secrets and make millions! I have learned, at least in my own personal life, that most tension stems from a lack of understanding. Growing up, my mother didn't understand “my world”. She couldn't understand what school was like for me or what I was dealing with emotionally and thats because I really never took the time to include her. As I grew up, I became less fearful of my mother’s judgement and began including her in my life more. She quickly saw new sides of my life and was more able to understand who I was as a person and grasp my reasoning behind certain beliefs and decisions I make. One of the most rewarding things you can do this Mother’s Day season is to try and find a way to include your mother in a new aspect of your life. Maybe take her with you to grab drinks with your friends, or take her to a playdate with your child and your mom friends. By opening her up to your life, you are really allowing her to connect with you on deeper levels and understand who you are not as her daughter but as a human being moving through daily life.

So those are 4 ways that I think you can step outside of the box and make your mother feel extra special this Mother’s Day. I would love to hear your feedback or how you make your mama feel loved so please leave me a comment below.

Much Love,
Alitzah Stinson


*Photos Taken By Natalie Curtis of White Elm Photography


Alitzah Stinson


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